9-sinf ingliz tili fanidan fan olimpiadasi 1-bosqich testi

9-sinf o'quvchilari uchun fan olimpiadasining birinchi bosqichi (maktab bosqichi) uchun tayyorlangan test savollari

Test savollari soni: 40 ta

Bajarish uchun ajratilgan vaqt: 90 daqiqa

Sizga omad yor bo'lsin!

Barcha ma'lumotlarni to'g'ri kiriting.

If you __________ to join our club, you ______________ send information about yourself.

There is … in the room . It’s empty.

The nurse is very __________. She spoke ____________.

“_____ _____ is a hamburger and chips?” “Three pounds fifty.”

About 90 percent of all children in the USA attend public school, _____________ is free.

They are going … do business with a foreign company.

. If a pupil breaks the rules he/she ________

______________ serves you drinks on a plane flight.

. ________ happens when somebody physically attacks weaker pupil.

Lola reads _____ two hours _____ bedtime.

. Everything is _______

_________ is a machine which can send photocopies of letters and papers to another fax machine in a different place.

The man ______ you met at the party was a famous film star.

This work ________ tomorrow.

There’s someone at the door _____ wants to speak to George.

What is the telephone number … your school?

I`m so tired ________ your complaints.

. All _______ not gold that glitters

I like Italian food, _____ my husband doesn’t like it at all.

_____ does it rain here? B: Mostly in summer and winter. A: _____ snow? B: In winter.

I _____ round and _____ Paula.

. Clothes are made by …… .

How _____ your finger?

We have got plenty of time. We _________ hurry.

I’m bored. I want _____ interesting to read, or ____ to talk to, or ____ interesting to go.

I _____ hello to Lara, but she didn’t say anything because she _____ television.

A pack of cards ____________ scattered over the table.

My friends _____ very tired today. Because they _____ at a party last night.

Jim had an accident _____ last night.

That’s the house _____ I was born.

What _____ at 8.00 last night?

I am good … telling jokes

. While I …… the washing up, the door bell rang.

“Has Amy got any plans for the weekend?” “Yes, she _____ her grandparents.

This is _____ than I expected.

Are you as tall _____ your brother?

Sarah played tennis _____ two hours.

When _____ your parents first meet?

. Food and drink _______ in the computer laboratory.

Venice is a very _____ city. A lot of people go there on honeymoon.