6-sinf ingliz tili fanidan online olimpiada 2-variant

6-sinf o'quvchilari uchun ingliz tili fanidan online olimpiada savollari


Test savollar soni: 20 ta

Bajarish uchun ajratilgan vaqt: 60 daqiqa

Barcha ma'lumotlarni to'g'ri kiriting.

I like _____ .

Careful! The glass is _____ fall.

Snow is _____ .

I _____ to a football match every Sunday but my father _____ .

Can I have _____ stamps, please?

342 __________

_____ Dina live near Anna?

There _____ a book, but _____ isn’t a blackboard.

Do you read _____ weekends?

They never watch TV _____ Friday evenings .

She is _____ me.

Find the opposite word. fast - ______

I like Tom, _____ I don’t like his brother.

A friend of mine likes _____ on picnic at weekends.

Are there _____ trees and flowers in the garden?

I _____ for a walk in the country and ___ a farm.

 It _____ Monday today.

It’s the _____ interesting of his films.

It is half past nine.

Where _____ they live?